I can't believe it has been over one month since I last update this project! Fear not, I have not forget about this project (though I must admit I did forget some of the things I planned to do with this project).

I have been writing a FAQ for the Mozilla newsgroups/mailing lists. A working draft is completed and has beening circulating in the Wishlist and General newsgroups/mailing lists. I'm currently expanding the contents of the FAQ to cover more information for end users, developers and QAs, and Web developers. Planned table of contents is available now. Anyone interested in helping with Mozilla documentation please feel free to contribute.

Welcome to the DevSupport project.

DevSupport is a public forum for Mozilla developer support (as opposed to end-user technical support). The aim is to publish a system of guidelines and standards that can be used to better manage the current developer communication forums, including Bugzilla, Mozilla.org's bug tracking system, and the mailing lists.


The needs for this project is conceived out of the recognition that the sheer amount of feedbacks Mozilla developers receive hinder their ability to properly respond to feedbacks and to efficiently develop Mozilla. The responsibility that many Mozilla contributors feel they have to communicate with interested parties has created stress and to a certain extent has discouraged both developers and end users.

Over time, Mozilla contributors have developed their own techniques in dealing with feedbacks. However, such techniques have been poorly communicated, thus creating communication gaps between those who understand the languages used and those who do not. These techniques are also not always applied inconsistantly, thus slowing down communication.

Many of the communication techniques Mozilla developers use have great potential and, if used consistantly and appropriately, could alleviate much of the communication problems. Some, however, are quite controversial and sometimes cause more problems than they solve. There may also be communication problems that existing techniques do not address.

One objective of this project is, therefore, to provide a public forum in which all communication techniques can be collected in one place and discussed, refined, tested, documented, and published to the general public. The end product will be a set of style manuals and guidelines that a majority of interested developers agree to use. It is hoped that an unified language will facilitate Mozilla development and encourage more people to participate in it.

Get Involved

You can help building a more friendly development environment by contribute toward the following activities:

Current Activities

Currently the only published work of this project is a draft of the Bugzilla Thesaurus and Reverse Dictionary. Works planned are Mozilla Quality Updates, a Bugzilla newsletter due to be published in the first week of October, and two FAQs for the Mozilla developer mailing lists/newsgroups.


DevSupport is an independent project headed by Daniel Wang (dwx); it does not work under any Mozilla.org directive, nor does it obtain any official status from Mozilla.org.

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